Three years ago I stumbled into Healthletica looking for change…

“Three years ago I stumbled into Healthletica looking for change.

I signed up for twenty sessions of personal training with Jen. My first impression of her was “wow she’s beautiful, fit, and knowledgeable… perfect!”

At the time, I was looking to create physical changes within my body. I wanted to be thinner.

Looking back now, I laugh at that version of myself because my relationship with Jen has allowed me to evolve my journey into something even more than I could’ve expected. On top of achieving physical goals, I have achieved a great sense of self-awareness thanks to Jen.

Through our workouts, I have gained such insight into how my body functions and that every single day is different from the previous one. Jen has taught me to tune my attention inwards and listen to what my body is telling me.

Every time I walk into the studio she greets me with a smile asking how I am feeling today. Jen pushes me past my comfort zone in a comfortable way. Our workouts are challenging but fun. She uses a wide variety of techniques and changes it up every session. I always leave feeling much better than when I came.

I feel strong and healthy. Not only do I have the best personal trainer, but also a therapist all in one person! She is incredible at listening and giving advice especially when it comes to food and meal planning.

I always say things happen for a reason. Training with Jen has changed my entire life in numerous positive ways and I look forward to what the future holds.

Thank you for your knowledge, continued support, and faith in me.”

– Sarah P.