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From Tim Hortons to smoothies…size XXL to M…to loving me again

Photo on left taken on Oct 15/15 – 217lbs, hips 124cm, waist 126cm.

Photo on right taken on Oct 4/16 – 157lbs, hips 105cm, waist 95cm.

Where to begin?

I’ve been on so many diets, and had some degree of success. Eventually, however, the weight I lost, and more, always came back.

In November 2014, I lost someone very close to me. At that moment, I told myself, and my family, it was time for me to start taking care of me – I needed to put myself first.

I said it, but I didn’t really know what it meant.

I continued going on with my life, making no real changes. I was doing yoga occasionally, and walking the dog once in a while. My confidence level was low, my clothes were oversized to cover up the weight, and I didn’t go out much. I knew something had to give.

I started a physiotherapy program with, Rosie and Will Physiotherapist, at Healthetica. After having a conversation about my health with Jennifer, she suggested the Lifestyle Change Program she ran. Providing me a detailed brochure outlining the program, Jennifer asked I call, whenever I was ready to start.

Not yet motivated, months past.

It was only when Rosie mentioned Jennifer’s program during one of our sessions that I started thinking about it again.

My confidence remained low, my weight had continued to go up, my knees were hurting, and a few other body parts had started talking to me. I just couldn’t go on this way anymore. I reread the brochure and decided it’s time to make a major change.

On my next visit to the studio, I met with Jennifer, said I was ready to do this, and asked, when I do I start. Almost a year since I announced I was going to put myself first, I was now committed to take the steps necessary to get healthy.

During our first session on October 15, 2015, Jennifer asked me all kinds of questions about my lifestyle habits, sleeping habits, and exercise habits. I didn’t anticipate the next question, “What does your poo look like?” I remember looking at her thinking; did she just ask me about my poo? I now have a better understanding as to why the question was asked – there’s a lot to learn from a bowel movement! This particular area of my body is now very healthy.

Was I scared? Absolutely, I was terrified. I doubted myself – what was I thinking? Can I really do this? Jennifer is so passionate, caring and open minded which helped me stay on track and do this.

From that day forward, I’ve never looked back.

This process is one of the biggest things I have ever done in my life – changing my eating habits and getting physically fit.

The days, weeks and months have since past, and I can now say, I love this new lifestyle change.

As one who was never really enthusiastic about the process of meal preparation or cooking, I now enjoy being in the kitchen, and trying new things with all the clean meat, veggies, and fruits I eat. The days of having McDonald’s or Tim’s for breakfast are long gone – it’s green smoothies Monday to Friday (me and smoothies? I would never have believed it) and bacon, eggs, or pancakes Saturday and Sunday.

As I write this, almost a year since starting the program: I’ve lost 60lbs and will continue to lose – from a size XL and XXL, to wearing medium-sized clothing; from wearing sizes16 and 18 tops and pants, I’m now wearing 8 and 10. The belt that I was not able to wear is now on the fifth hole, time for a new one. I no longer have the need to cover up my body; my confidence is back; I no longer experience acid indigestion; and the knee and body pain are now completely gone. I truly feel FANTASTIC – much better, healthier, than I have in years. My only regret is not starting this process sooner.

I’ve crushed all but one goal and I’m confident I’ll do it before the end of the year. I’m ready to set new goals and I’m sure I’ll crush them with the support I have from Jennifer, Rosie and the rest of the staff at Healthletica.

Love my new life and lifestyle change!

– Cheryl Rowsell, Oct 2016

Learn more about the Lifestyle Change Program here.


2 thoughts on “From Tim Hortons to smoothies…size XXL to M…to loving me again

  1. Wow… it’s such a great feeling to feel good from the inside out ! Your testimonial is great and you really look amazing and happy. It’s nice to work alongside someone so knowledgeable and dedicated to your success as Jennifer ! Congratulations !

    1. Thanks for the comment Joy. Cheryl has such an incredible story. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful women like you and Cheryl as clients. You ladies are an inspiration to so many people who have lost hope when it comes to losing weight and feeling great.

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