The story behind Youthful Glow


For the better part of my life I struggled with an array of skin problems. Teen and adult acne were top on that list, not to mention all the scarring that was a result of this ongoing problem. I was tired of conventional toxic products that dried the crap out of my skin and literally sucked the youth out of me. What I didn’t know then was that most of these products were band-aid solutions and would never really deal with the root cause of my acne.

As you may already know, your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside of your body. Skin problems and premature aging can be an indication of bigger issues such as a leaky gut, hormonal imbalance, food sensitivities, nutrient deficiencies, immune reactions and more.

The ongoing battle with my skin (and other health issues I was facing at the time) eventually led me down the path of healing my body from the inside out with nourishing whole foods. I achieved great results with this approach, but realized that it made no sense to eat clean food and put toxic products on my skin at the same time. Especially given that we absorb more toxins through our skin than from the foods and drinks we consume.

So the questions I asked were … if I can regenerate my skin from the inside out through nutrient rich food, then why wouldn’t I attempt to do the same from the outside in and how would I go about doing it? So, from the comfort of my kitchen, in my pajama pants and sequenced green slippers, I began to formulate what I would eventually call Youthful Glow.

I wanted to create a formula that could help achieve multiple goals; re-balance the natural oil production of my skin, heal scarring, prevent wrinkles, and create a glow that screamed “Youth!”. I put together a blend of well known and researched oils for skin health and anti-aging. I balanced the formula with just the right ratios so these powerful oils could be quickly absorbed by the skin and not leave behind an oily residue.

I tested this product on my skin for many months and achieved great results. My skin began to clear up (problem spots were no longer a problem), my scars had faded, and people started to compliment me on my “glow” (can you guess what inspired the name for this product?).

I then decided to share my facial oil with friends, family and personal clients to see if they enjoyed it as much as I did.

The product was so well received, with people asking for the next bottle after done the first, that I finally decided to take Youthful Glow to the next level. I now create large batches of this formula (still in my kitchen with pajama pants and sequenced green slippers…keeping it real) and bottle and label Youthful Glow with love.

I encourage everyone, all ages and skin types, to experience the power of a quality facial oil if they haven’t yet done so. I truly believe that Youthful Glow has not only brought life back to my skin, but it has brought health back to my skin and body. I am confident it will do the same for you.

Learn more about Youthful Glow here.

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