Protein Powder Checklist: What to look for in a high-quality protein powder

Not all protein powders are created equal and it’s important to use a protein powder that makes you feel good when you consume it. Protein powders should not cause symptoms like gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, lethargy, etc. – and if you’re using one that does, I highly recommend removing it from your diet.

You can find my top recommended proteins powders below. These protein powders are not only of the highest quality on the market (meeting all the criteria below), but they also taste delicious when blended into a smoothie!

If you’d like to find a different protein powder, I’ve put together a quick checklist to help guide you in sourcing out a good option. Do your best to find a powder that meets all of the following criteria.

Protein Powder Checklist: What to look for in a high-quality protein powder

✅ Processed in a way that allows for easy extraction, digestion & absorption of protein + nutrients. Keep in mind that it is difficult for our bodies to extract protein from plants-based sources like pea, rice & hemp.

✅ No added sugars or artificial sweeteners. A natural sweetener (like stevia) is a great alternative since it won’t spike blood sugar levels.

✅ No fillers, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

✅ No dairy, gluten, soy, or other ingredients that can irritate your gut and cause inflammation (if you can tolerate dairy, whey protein may be OK for you). If you have an intolerance of sensitivity to certain foods, make sure the protein powder you select does not contain them.

✅ Free of hormones and antibiotics, plus pasture-raised for animal protein. Non-GMO and/or organic for plant protein.

✅ No other added ingredients that can compromise health. Research each ingredient on the label so you know what you are consuming.


Below, you’ll find the protein powders I currently use and recommend. These are some of the top protein powders recommended by Naturopaths and Functional Medical Doctors. These products work well for people with IBS and those looking to lose weight.

  • PurePaleo Protein by Designs for Health (chocolate & vanilla flavour)
  • PurePea by Designs for Health (vanilla flavour) – VEGAN OPTION

Check out this article I wrote on 4 reasons why I use PurePaleo Protein.

Purchase these protein powders HERE.

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