10 minute workout: Back, butt + hamstrings

A simple and short exercise routine to target your backside…

5 bent over rows followed by 5 single leg deadlifts per side.

Repeat this sequence 10 times. Take a 2 minute rest after round 5 if needed.

I’m using two 15lb dumbbells for this sequence. You might need to do some test rounds before figuring out your starting weight. You can always drop your weights down by 5lbs if need be during the sequence.

This is simple and quick routine to complete at home or the gym. All you need is a set of dumbbells.

Great for working the posterior chain (upper and lower back, butt and hamstrings).

If you have no sense of balance, you’ll develop it fast with the SLD. Just keep the core engaged so you don’t topple over with dumbbells in your hands. If you do, you didn’t get the idea from me 😜

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