Quick full body workout – deadlift with overhead press

Another quick 10 minute full body workout to get all your muscles firing and heart pumping…

Deadlift into a overhead press (5 per side) followed by a 15 Mississippi quick skip.

Try to generate power on the way up from your deadlift using your glutes and core. This will allow you to progress to higher weights faster.

Repeat this routine 10 times. Take a 2 minute rest after round 5 if needed.

I’m using a 15lb dumbbell for this routine. As always, do some test rounds to determine your starting weight. You can always drop your weight down by 5lbs if need be during the routine.

If you don’t have a skipping rope (or just straight up can’t skip) you can replace it with another cardio exercise like step-ups, marching on the spot, shadow boxing, burpees, etc.

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