20-Minute Full Body Workout

My bun and I had some fun with this quick full body workout. Check it out …

20-Minute Full Body Workout

2 stiff leg deadlifts
2 bent-over rows
2 push-ups (drop to knees to modify)
2 bicep curls or hammer curls
2 overhead presses
2 lunges/leg

Repeat this routine 10 times. Rest for 3 min then repeat. I recommend that beginners start with one round and work their way up to 3 rounds progressively.

I’m using 15lbs dumbbells. I recommend starting with a weight that you find challenging. You can always decrease your weight (if needed) as you move through this workout.

I love this routine because it targets all major muscle groups and gets the heart pumping. The quick transitions from one exercise to the next keeps you focused and make for a fun workout.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Please note: this workout is best performed with a bun.

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