Yoga & Converse Flow

Sometimes a girl just needs to flow…

I fit some basic yoga flows into my movement schedule 2-3 times/week. It’s a great complement to my weight training and helps to improve my mobility, flexibility and balance.

A simple yoga flow like this one can be done anywhere – with or without a mat, shoes, clothes… 😜

On my yoga days, I literally wake-up, roll out my mat in my living room and flow away. Best part is, I don’t even have to brush my teeth and that saying “yoga hair don’t care” comes to life!

I’m supercharged in the mornings between my yoga flow and espresso that follows ❤️☕️.

Give this flow a try…

Yoga & Converse Flow

High plank > chaturanga (drop knees to modify) > upward dog > downward dog > high lunge (right side) > high plank…

Repeat this sequence on the left side then keep on alternating sides.

I like to set a timer for my flows – 10 to 15 minutes usually.

You can add other poses into this sequence if you find it gets a little boring. I’m constantly changing up my flows to keep it interesting.

This is a great total body flow/workout – targeting both upper and lower body muscles (strengthening and lengthening them).

Give it a try!

Please note: My teeth are brushed in this video 😁

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