Buns of Steel

Not quite Buns of Steel stuff, but close enough…

The stability ball hamstring curl is one of my go-to exercises when I’m looking to target the posterior chain (back, butt and hamstrings) – and feeling too lazy to do it from a standing position (yes, I’m human and it happens).

I get to chill out on a mat and do a few sets of these while my buns rise in the oven 😁

I usually do 3-4 sets of 20 reps, but you can break it down into more sets with less reps if that works better for you.

Keep the hips steady and high throughout the exercise and focus on an engaged core while drawing the ball in using your butt muscles. Slow controlled movements in and out here.

I like to pair this exercise with some type of upper body movement like rows or push-ups. You can create a super-set by going back and forth between the two different exercises. Take a 2-3 min break between sets.

Caution: burning buns may occur 🔥

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