Balance & Bodyweight Workout

Another play day at the studio!

Check out this fun routine I came up with. Essentially it’s a balance and bodyweight routine that targets major muscle groups while working on core stability. I decided to add a touch of yoga into this routine to further challenge balance and lengthen/stretch muscles along the front side of the body.

I modified some of the harder exercise like pistols and push-ups to make this routine challenging but doable for most. If you find it to be too easy you can move into full pistols and push-ups.

Let me know if you give it a try. Happy to put together more routines like this one if you enjoy it 😊

Balance & Bodyweight Workout

5 single leg deadlifts with front kick

5 mini pistols

5 second hold on dancers pose

5 close grip push-ups

Alternate between right and left sides for a total of 5 rounds. Take a break after round 3 if need be. This routine should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Tips: Fire ass on pistols and keep core engaged on all exercises to prevent ‘topple over’ pose 😉.

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