Yoga-inspired balance & body weight workout with side plank

Here’s another fun and challenging yoga-inspired balance and body weight routine for you…

Narrow stance tip toe squat >
Forward fold >
Walk hands out to high plank >
Chaturanga > upward dog > high plank >
Side plank with leg lift >
Back to high plank > chaturanga > upward dog > high plank >
Side plank with leg lift on opposite side >
Back to high plank >
Walk hands back into forward fold >
Reverse tip toe squat to the top.

Repeat this sequence 10 times.

It may take a bit of time to develop stability in side plank with a leg lift, so if it’s too challenging at first just stick with side plank and no leg lift.

As you develop strength and stability in side plank you can start experimenting with progressively lifting the leg. Another option would be to attempt the leg lift from a low side plank (off your forearm).

Trust me, as graceful as I can make this look for video purposes, I’ve collapsed in all different directions attempting the side plank with leg lift pose. I promise it gets easier in time and is extremely rewarding once you nail it 😉

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