Stability ball workout: Legs, butt & core

So, my hand/wrist was out of order for unknown reasons (or maybe old age 😫) a few weeks back, which forced me to come up with workouts that didn’t require gripping or applying pressure on my hand.

I came up with this stability ball workout which targets the legs, butt and core. As you probably already know, the stability ball increases the level of difficulty and requires that you keep your core engaged so you don’t lose balance during the exercise and end up on the floor with your legs flailing in the air (like I did in the previous week 🤦‍♀️)

Take a close look at where I place my body on the ball for each of these exercises. Placement is important in getting the most from these exercises.

Stability ball workout for legs, butt & core

10 reverse lunges on right and left side

20 pelvic raises

10 crunches (full extension through belly)

Complete 3 rounds. Take a 2-3 min break between rounds if needed OR add a 1-2 minute cardio piece like skipping, step-ups, shadow boxing, etc. between rounds.