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I lost my Costco virginity


OMG, I recently discovered a magical place called Costco!

I know I know, you’re probably thinking – “Has this chick been hiding under a rock her entire life?”

OK, so I knew Costco existed, but I never thought to venture into it to find healthy food options. Little did I know, Costco not only caters towards health conscious people like me (and you), but they also offer AMAZING prices that had me screaming “START THE CAR!!!”

The lists below are healthy foods/products I ended up picking up and/or discovering at jaw dropping prices.

Foods/products that can help you SAVE BIG on your SMOOTHIES:

  • pesticide-free frozen blueberries 1.5kg ($8.99)
  • organic frozen strawberries 2kg ($11.99)
  • other frozen organic fruit + berries
  • frozen avocado chunks 3kg ($17.99)
  • organic virgin coconut oil 2.3kg ($19.69)
  • organic frozen broccoli + other frozen veggies

More healthy foods/products with BIG SAVINGS:

  • avocado oil 1lt ($13.99)
  • avocado oil mayo 710ml ($10.99)
  • organic extra virgin olive oil
  • organic apple cider vinegar 1.9lt ($8.69)
  • organic coconut chips 800g ($7.99)
  • dehydrated sweet potatoes 454g ($11.99)
  • organic dates 794g ($7.99)
  • organic pine nuts 680g (32.99) + other nuts and seeds
  • organic coffee and matcha green tea
  • organic kombucha
  • Schick Intuition Razor with 13 cartridges!!! ($29.49) – felt the need to include this one since I usually pay that price for 4 cartridges.

NOTE: Take a close look at the size/quantity of the items that have prices next to them. You would pay double (if not triple) for many of the same brands/items in other stores! 

This is just a short list of the healthy items I discovered, but there are plenty more where that came from.

TAKEAWAY MESSAGE: If you’re looking for ways to make healthy eating/living (including smoothies) more affordable and sustainable for you and your family then Costco is a GREAT solution.

Not only does this wholesale store carry a variety of organic products, but most of the brands are reputable companies that prioritize quality – and once again the prices are truly unbeatable!

I’m super excited about my recent discovery and can’t wait to return to Costco to discover more!

Would love to hear about some of the great finds you’ve discovered at Costco or other places you shop. Just leave a message in the comments below, so others can see as well.

P.S. A special thanks to my BF for opening my eyes to a part of Costco I didn’t know about – and most importantly, dealing with my “kid in a candy store” behaviour as I lost my Costco virginity. You da best! xoxo


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2 thoughts on “I lost my Costco virginity

  1. Costco is the best.. Inside Costco secret -if you ever see an * in the upper right corner on the price description card that means the item will not be restocked and will no longer be available once they run out of it. So if you like an item and see that * you better load up..
    Send Giuseppe my best – we met in Cansano a few years ago.
    Frank P

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