Gluten Free Slice with Almond Butter & Banana


This snack brings me back to my Little Jen days! I remember going to town on peanut butter and banana slapped in between Wonder Bread after a long hard day of school.

Given that my Little Jen days are long gone, I’ve made some slight modifications to one of my favourite snacks. It still tastes damn good – and my butt doesn’t hate me for it 😁

The kale caraway slice from Live Organic Food is packed with whole food ingredients and nutrients. It’s my go-to when I’m craving something that resembles bread. You can find Live products at quite a few stores. I usually get my fav products from Nature’s Emporium and Ambrosia since they’re nearby.

Give this guilt free, gluten free and grain free snack a try!

Gluten Free Slice with Almond Butter & Banana 🍌


1 kale caraway slice (from Live Organic Food)

1 tbsp almond butter

1/4 banana (sliced)


Spread almond butter onto kale caraway slice and top with sliced banana. OMG yum!