ProbioMed 50: A shelf stable, broad-spectrum probiotic

There’s a new probiotic in town and it’s made it to my list of supplements for optimal health 💚

ProbioMed™ 50 is a high potency, shelf stable, broad-spectrum probiotics formulation containing 50 billion CFU per serving.

It consists of ten of the most highly researched probiotic strains, with each strain and specific CFU count being fully disclosed. These are robust strains that are capable of surviving the harsh journey to the intestines and are able to attach to the intestinal walls, where they can grow and function effectively to support GI health.

The survivability of the strains is further assisted by delayed release technology as well as unique moisture-resistant, desiccant-lined packaging. This novel packaging removes the need for refrigeration, making this probiotic convenient for travelers and anyone on the go.

✔️Gluten free
✔️Dairy free

I recommend taking a quality probiotic (like this one) daily or every other day. If you’re traveling, fighting a cold, on antibiotics, or treating a condition, you may need to increase your dose. Take with or without food.

ProbioMed 50: Shelf stable, broad-spectrum probiotic (30 caps) $66 CAN
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