7-day smoothie + fitness challenge

There’s no better time to boost your immune system than RIGHT NOW‼️

💪 That’s why I’ve decided to host a FREE 7-Day Smoothie + Fitness Challenge–to help you stay healthy, strong and positive while gyms/studios are closed and Netflix is extra appealing.

In just 7 days, say bye bye to low energy and sugar cravings and hello to nourishing & energizing smoothies and exercise that fuel your body and help you to feel great again. You’ll receive daily emails that take you through this fun 7-day challenge.

🥳 I’ll also be giving away some prizes at the end of the challenge to make things even more fun!

Smoothies, fitness, community & prizes–that sounds like lots of fun to me… and right now we could use some fun, uplifting vibes, right?!wordswag_15633010650162
Here’s what you’ll get with this 7-day smoothie + fitness challenge:

7 workout videos. You’ll receive 1 workout video each day that demos the workout routine for the day – along with instructions, modifications & tips. Each workout will consist of basic functional movement for your body (no fitness equipment required) that can be completed in 20-minutes or less each day from the comfort of home.

7 smoothie recipes. You’ll be replacing one meal a day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with a nutrient-dense smoothie designed to help you lose weight and feel great. I’ll send you one smoothie recipe each day, but feel free to blend any recipe you like from my smoothie e-book.

My smoothie challenge e-book (a $10 value). This e-book will provide you with all the info you need for blending the perfect smoothie + 16 dessert-inspired smoothie recipes. This e-book is yours, FREE of charge when you sign-up. Learn more about what’s included in this e-book here.

An amazing community of people to motivate and support you. This is a LIVE challenge which means you’ll be able to connect with an awesome community of people doing the challenge at the same time you are. You can share your experience, ask questions, upload photos of your workouts and smoothies, cheer on your fellow challengers – all through this exclusive Facebook Group Page. It’s a great way to keep everyone accountable and motivated during the challenge. Find us HERE.

Challenge STARTS Mon, March 30th.

The sign-up window is now closed. 

After joining, Jennifer will send you her smoothie e-book so you can start stocking your kitchen with smoothie ingredients. After that, regular emails will start landing in your inbox starting March 30th (for 7 days straight).


Check out what others are saying about this challenge …

“Jennifer, another fun and fantastic Smoothie Challenge! I really liked the added exercise challenge and although sometimes hard to fit into the day, I really felt committed, and more so as I saw others in the challenge posting their ‘done’ entries. It shows that no matter how busy the day is, you can fit something in and get moving. Thanks for leading the way.”
– R.M

“Jennifer, as usual I enjoyed this challenge and I love that you incorporated exercises in it. It motivated me to keep my body moving everyday and your smoothies gave me the energy I needed. I would encourage everyone to give it a try, it’s a lot of fun and it’s easy because you also show different ways of doing exercises if it’s too challenging. It was so nice to see everyone posting that they had completed their smoothie and exercise for the day. Thank you for all your hard work and knowledge.”
– M.J.

“These challenges just keep getting better! Jennifer is full of wonderful ideas, encouragement and great smoothies to try. Lots of info to help with smoothies and exercise. This last challenge with the added exercise was tough but seeing all the comments helped to get’er done! Keep up the great work. You and your challenges are awesome!”
– D.T.

“Another fantastic smoothie challenge. I was involved in your very first challenge and have never looked back. Smoothie have become a very important and permanent part of my life and for that I THANK YOU. The last challenge with the added physical part was wonderful. I loved it as this helped motivate me to get moving everyday. Yes it was hard some days to do the exercise, but I managed to get most of it done before bedtime. Sorry I did miss 2 days, my bad. Loved the notifications. As always your challenges are fun. Love this smoothie community and seeing all the post. Fantastic job by all.”
– C.R.

“I will continue with the smoothies since they are so delicious and easy and the fitness is definitely becoming a part of my daily routine. My awareness has been raised and making small changes to my every day life like taking stairs or doing 10 wall push ups or doing 25 lunges as I walk is so easy. You always encouraged me to start by making small changes and those were the most encouraging words you gave me. Thank you for always being so ready to answer every question I had – and always with a smile on your face. You never became frustrated but always encouraging. You are a wealth of nutrition knowledge and wellness and your willingness to share it with us is priceless. Thank you for old time sake.”
– A.D.