55 OMG

IMG_4604(photo on the left taken on April 23/15, photo on the right taken on July 21/15)

55 OMG….
So, as I reached another significant milestone in life, I found myself floundering with all kinds of menopausal symptoms including weight gain and inflammatory issues… I was trying to eat healthy, working out as much as I could, in addition to taking supplements for every ailment imaginable but frankly I was a mess.

It was Spring and I asked my daughter to guide me back to health… I was bloated and had gained some extra weight in the winter in spite of how hard I thought I was working…… her response was simply, you need to see Jennifer! And so I did….

I started my journey in April 2015… I couldn’t wait to get personal coach and get myself back into shape. I was pleasantly surprised when Jennifer introduced me to a program better than just personal training… it was all encompassing.

She approached my health in a Lifestyle Change Program included in 3 parts: Personal Training, Managing My Supplements, and introducing me to Whole Foods.

At first this seemed drastic for me as I’m not exactly a ‘cook’, nor do I really understand the science of the foods we input into our bodies. We are constantly hearing that fats and carbs are bad for you, but Jennifer introduced me to ‘healthy fats’ and ‘healthy carbs.

I can go on and on about what I learned, but suffice it to say, I am completely reformed and I have cut out so many supplements that I wasn’t even sure which were working or not !

After Jennifer’s 30 day challenge I was convinced… I felt amazing, in addition to losing about 5-7 pounds, I reduced the inflammation and puffiness in my body, plus lost 2 cm in my bust, waist and hips ! That was June 5th…. I was convinced, but also not interested in going back…

Here I am a month later and I’m still gluten free and dairy free and enjoying food and healthy meals like I’ve never done before. I can even go so far as to say, I am sharing recipes with Jennifer, taking photos of my meals, and enjoying food for the first time in a long time.

No longer looking at cutting out carbs or fats, I am enjoying the diversity of my choices. I sometimes take a little ribbing from my friends when I pass up that delicious piece of cake, but I honestly don’t miss it.

I am also devoted to 2 training sessions per week, in addition to the active lifestyle I already have ! I feel great, and that is worth it to me…

Thanks Jennifer, and I hope to continue to embrace this journey of learning!

– Joy B., July 2015


Here’s a more recent email I received from Joy about her continued health and wellness journey:

“Hi Jen…

By now I assume you know that I have moved out of Bolton. I definitely miss some of the finer things in life like my PT and my Yoga!

But I did want to reach out to you and let you know how happy I am that we met and that the last 2 1/2 years you have been instrumental in providing me with a wonderful quality of life. I feel better than I have felt in forever… and when I’m not feeling 100%, I know exactly what to do to feel better. I am in tune with my one body… and I do my best to keep it healthy and happy. 😀

I do hope you can come and visit me up north sometime.. either via motorcycle or by car. You will love the life balance up here…. it’s totally surreal… I have already met tons of people… found a great gym with a wonderful trainer here. Have found new sports like Pickleball, and I’m enjoy tons and tons of golf with amazing ladies….

No yoga as of yet… but I do have a little gym in my garage which I am so happy with… The kids have both come to visit and they absolutely love it here.. especially since our boat is close by and they both love the relaxation of boating…

…They are building a Marina, and a pool and the Clubhouse rocks – the most amazing italian cuisine… I am teaching them that ‘gluten free’ and ‘dairy free’ are actually food options! They will slowly get to know me.

Most of all, I feel great and although I miss seeing you, I take you around in my mind and my heart, and in my daily decisions, your wisdom and your advice guides me…

…Take good care, Jen and please let’s work on a plan for the future so that we never become strangers.

All the best,

Joy B.”

Received 21/09/2017