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“Spaghetti” with Chicken & Kale Pesto

Spaghetti squash is an awesome gluten and grain free vehicle for so many great foods and sauces. My favourite way to enjoy these low-carb, whole food noodles is with a traditional pesto sauce or in my “spaghetti with a classic tomato sauce dish. I’m always experimenting with different sauces and foods that taste great on…… Continue reading “Spaghetti” with Chicken & Kale Pesto

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Cilantro & Dill Chimichurri

This chimichurri is great way to quickly add flavour and nutrition to fish and seafood (including canned fishes). It’s not only packed with amazing flavour, but detoxifying herbs and ingredients as well! Feel free to try this chimichurri on top of eggs, beef, pork, chicken and/or vegetables as well – it’s an excellent complement to…… Continue reading Cilantro & Dill Chimichurri

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Paleo Chicken Pad-Thai

It’s official – I’m obsessed with this dish! When I switched over to a grain free diet many year ago, pad-Thai was probably one of the dishes I knew I was going to miss most. I fell in love with pad-Thai during my university days and always found myself gravitating towards Thai restaurants when I…… Continue reading Paleo Chicken Pad-Thai

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Traditional Pesto Sauce

Since going gluten free, I have become a lot more creative in the kitchen in order to ensure I don’t miss out on some of my favourite foods, dishes and sauces – including this traditional pesto sauce. One of my favourite ways to enjoy this traditional pesto sauce is with chicken and spaghetti squash. You…… Continue reading Traditional Pesto Sauce

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‘Spaghetti’ with a Classic Tomato Sauce

Do you feel bloated or ‘heavy’ after eating a bowl of pasta? What if you could enjoy the flavours of a classic and heart warming Italian dish without having to worry about the negative impact it might have on your body? What if you could find a replacement that is naturally rich in nutrients, low…… Continue reading ‘Spaghetti’ with a Classic Tomato Sauce

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Quick Thai Coconut Sauce

This sauce is extremely versatile and goes well with different proteins including fish, seafood, pork, and chicken. Most vegetables taste awesome with it too! For this dish, I cooked squid tubes in a pan with ghee and lemon juice, placed them on top of cauliflower rice and then topped the dish with creamy Thai coconut sauce. The…… Continue reading Quick Thai Coconut Sauce