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Holiday-inspired smoothie recipes

How would you like to indulge in holiday flavours like egg nog, candy cane, gingerbread, roasted chestnut and peppermint mocha without worrying about your waistline expanding over the holidays? I don’t know about you, but I certainly would which is why I spent a weekend in my kitchen creating a few NEW holiday-inspired smoothie recipes!…… Continue reading Holiday-inspired smoothie recipes

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Drink your greens

Are you looking for an simple way to keep your immune system strong and energy levels high during your busy season? A quality greens powder can be an excellent addition to your diet especially during times when vegetables and fruits are the last thing on your mind and plate. Veggies and fruits are packed with…… Continue reading Drink your greens

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Feel sexy in that little black dress this holiday season

Are you sweating about the thought of squeezing into that sexy dress for the line-up of holiday parties coming your way? If you’re struggling to lose those extra inches you put on during the Summer (and then again over Thanksgiving!) then maybe it’s time to take a different approach. Shed those extra inches and feel…… Continue reading Feel sexy in that little black dress this holiday season

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You might crap your pants with a crappy protein powder

Moment of truth…I didn’t start my smoothie adventure with a protein powder. Here’s why… In the early days of smoothie making, I had a heck of a time finding a protein powder that didn’t irritate the crap out of my gut (literally) or cause my face to break out in pimples. There were – and…… Continue reading You might crap your pants with a crappy protein powder

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Why you may need more protein

Do you question whether you’re eating too much or too little protein? The human body is extremely smart and under most circumstances does a good job of telling us what we need through our hunger signals and cravings. Chris Kresser – an integrative medical doctor in the US – states that when it comes to…… Continue reading Why you may need more protein