“Jennifer, I want to thank you for all your help. I have met the 30-day (Lifestyle Change Program) challenge and am so happy I went for it!

When I found Healthletica it was my goal to gain back strength and flexibility. The X-fit classes plus yoga really appealed to me, and both are great. Little did I know that there is so much more to Healthletica…

Soon after joining, you sent out an email for the 14-day smoothie challenge and I jumped on-board. The smoothies have a balance in nutrition that give me energy and keep me full through to lunch. I also really like the community that comes with this; it is so helpful to be part of a group who are all working to improve health, and having fun with it!

After the challenge, I wanted to learn about the Lifestyle Change Program. The LCP and your coaching have given me the next level of support to get the unhealthy food off my plate, and add the supplements my body needs to get healthy.

Having finished the first 30 days, my sleep and yoga practice have improved, I now have more energy and I have shed weight that before the LCP stubbornly would not go despite added exercise and calorie reduction.

The goal of the LCP is to get healthy – not a number on the scale, and this focus has made my journey one that I will be able to sustain. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

I want to thank you, and Rosie, and the team at Healthletica for offering not only great yoga classes, but also nutrition and health support that I needed.”

– Rosemary W.


“My smoothie challenge began in September. I’m not too sure what I was expecting, but I love smoothies and was hoping for some new recipes.

The prep was important for me to ensure I had the right ingredients on hand including Jen’s recommended protein powder that kept me full for a longer period of time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and flew through the 2 weeks.

Once it was over, I started to be inconsistent with my smoothies I became a little grumpy, irritable and hangry!

So, after a quick chat with Jennifer, I went back to a smoothie a day and in 3 days I was back to my “zen” place again.

I took this a step further and have been working with Jennifer on a Lifestyle Change Program.

I didn’t realize that my digestion/tummy troubles were NOT normal. Also, my sleep was not great and my joint pain? – I thought was just me getting old.

I’ll skip to the end of the 7 weeks and report that:

1. I have very little gas and bloating now

2. My sleeping is way better (except when the snore machine next to me starts!)

3. I’ve lost about 5 lbs right around my muffin top WITHOUT STARVING MYSELF.

I feel really good.

I feel I have a better relationship with food now. I don’t crave sweets often any longer. When I’m hungry, I’m actually hungry!

It’s been a great experience and journey. I encourage others to try the Smoothie Challenge and hopefully the Lifestyle Change Program as well.

Thank you to Jennifer for helping me through this crazy wonderful journey!”

– Tamara M.


From Tim Hortons to smoothies – size XXL to M – to loving me again

Photo on left taken on Oct 15/15 – 217lbs, hips 124cm, waist 126cm.
Photo on right taken on Oct 4/16 – 157lbs, hips 105cm, waist 95cm.

“Where to begin?

I’ve been on so many diets, and had some degree of success. Eventually, however, the weight I lost, and more, always came back.

In November 2014, I lost someone very close to me. At that moment, I told myself, and my family, it was time for me to start taking care of me – I needed to put myself first.

I said it, but I didn’t really know what it meant.

I continued going on with my life, making no real changes. I was doing yoga occasionally, and walking the dog once in a while. My confidence level was low, my clothes were oversized to cover up the weight, and I didn’t go out much. I knew something had to give.

I started a physiotherapy program with, Rosie and Will Physiotherapist, at Healthetica. After having a conversation about my health with Jennifer, she suggested the Lifestyle Change Program she ran. Providing me a detailed brochure outlining the program, Jennifer asked I call, whenever I was ready to start.

Not yet motivated, months past.

It was only when Rosie mentioned Jennifer’s program during one of our sessions that I started thinking about it again.

My confidence remained low, my weight had continued to go up, my knees were hurting, and a few other body parts had started talking to me. I just couldn’t go on this way anymore. I reread the brochure and decided it’s time to make a major change.

On my next visit to the studio, I met with Jennifer, said I was ready to do this, and asked, when I do I start. Almost a year since I announced I was going to put myself first, I was now committed to take the steps necessary to get healthy.

During our first session on October 15, 2015, Jennifer asked me all kinds of questions about my lifestyle habits, sleeping habits, and exercise habits. I didn’t anticipate the next question, “What does your poo look like?” I remember looking at her thinking; did she just ask me about my poo? I now have a better understanding as to why the question was asked – there’s a lot to learn from a bowel movement! This particular area of my body is now very healthy.

Was I scared? Absolutely, I was terrified. I doubted myself – what was I thinking? Can I really do this? Jennifer is so passionate, caring and open minded which helped me stay on track and do this.

From that day forward, I’ve never looked back.

This process is one of the biggest things I have ever done in my life – changing my eating habits and getting physically fit.

The days, weeks and months have since past, and I can now say, I love this new lifestyle change.

As one who was never really enthusiastic about the process of meal preparation or cooking, I now enjoy being in the kitchen, and trying new things with all the clean meat, veggies, and fruits I eat. The days of having McDonald’s or Tim’s for breakfast are long gone – it’s green smoothies Monday to Friday (me and smoothies? I would never have believed it) and bacon, eggs, or pancakes Saturday and Sunday.

As I write this, almost a year since starting the program: I’ve lost 60lbs and will continue to lose – from a size XL and XXL, to wearing medium-sized clothing; from wearing sizes16 and 18 tops and pants, I’m now wearing 8 and 10. The belt that I was not able to wear is now on the fifth hole, time for a new one. I no longer have the need to cover up my body; my confidence is back; I no longer experience acid indigestion; and the knee and body pain are now completely gone. I truly feel FANTASTIC – much better, healthier, than I have in years. My only regret is not starting this process sooner.

I’ve crushed all but one goal and I’m confident I’ll do it before the end of the year. I’m ready to set new goals and I’m sure I’ll crush them with the support I have from Jennifer, Rosie and the rest of the staff at Healthetica.

Love my new life and lifestyle change!”

– Cheryl Rowsell


Goodbye IBS and chronic back pain. Hello baby!

“When I met Jen I was at a very low point physically and emotionally. On the physical part, I had been suffering with increasingly worsening chronic back pain for a few years. I had seen everyone from physio, massage, osteopathic to chiropractic, with little to no improvement in my condition. I had also been suffering with IBS for what seemed like forever. Then there was also some new information I had found out about my health, I was struggling with undiagnosed fertility issues.

I had heard about Jen through a family friend and decided to seek her help as what felt like a last resort. After speaking with her over the phone I felt as if there was a tiny glimmer of hope that she might be able to help me. My main goal was to heal my back pain and improve my IBS symptoms. As for the fertility issues, I was putting them on the back burner until I felt whole again.

Jen started with changing my eating habits and the relationship I had with food. After only one month of eating how she had taught me to, I felt immense changes. It was definitely challenging, but I felt so much more energetic and healthier. My IBS was slowly improving and I was sleeping better than ever. More importantly, I saw food as important fuel for my body and not as calories, fat and guilt.

Then came the workout portion, the part I dreaded the most. Over the years I had built up a hatred for working out and developed a poor emotional relationship with my body. Despite this, I was determined to give it my best shot. With Jen’s extreme knowledge and constant positive reinforcement, I was soon excited to show up and challenge my body at every session. She always has something new planned and explains it all in such detail that I no longer hate working out. I now understand what properly moving my body does for the health of my body.

Through working with Jen, I have reduced my back pain by 90% most days, which is an amazing accomplishment for me. I have such a different outlook on food, health and my body, something that I’ll never be able to thank Jen enough for. Also, for the best and most exciting reason ever, my plan with Jen has been somewhat hindered… I am pregnant!!! To which I know all of this has led me to. For Jen to call this a lifestyle change program is an understatement, but it has truly changed mine! Thanks Jen for everything.”

(Photo on left taken on August 18/15. Photo on right taken on March 27/16, 21 weeks pregnant)

– Chantelle D.


55 OMG!

“So, as I reached another significant milestone in life, I found myself floundering with all kinds of menopausal symptoms including weight gain and inflammatory issues. I was trying to eat healthy, working out as much as I could, in addition to taking supplements for every ailment imaginable but frankly I was a mess.

It was Spring and I asked my daughter to guide me back to health. I was bloated and had gained some extra weight in the winter in spite of how hard I thought I was working. Her response was simply, you need to see Jennifer ! And so I did….

I started my journey in April 2015. I couldn’t wait to get personal training and get myself back into shape. I was pleasantly surprised when she introduced me to a program better than just personal training, it was all encompassing.

Jennifer approached my fitness in a Lifestyle Change Program included in 3 parts: Personal Training, Managing My Supplements, and introducing me to Whole Foods. This was drastic for me as I’m not exactly a ‘cook’, nor do I really understand the science of the foods we input into our bodies.

We are constantly hearing that fats and carbs are bad for you, but Jennifer introduced me to ‘healthy fats’ and ‘healthy carbs. I can go on and on about what I learned, but suffice it to say, I am completely reformed and I have cut out so many supplements that I wasn’t even sure which were working or not !

After the 30 days I was convinced… I felt amazing, in addition to losing about 5-7 pounds, I reduced the inflammation and puffiness in my body, plus lost 2 cm in my bust, waist and hips ! That was June 5th…. I was convinced, but also not interested in going back.

Here I am a month later and I’m still gluten free and dairy free and enjoying food and healthy meals like I’ve never done before. I can even go so far as to say, I am sharing recipes with Jennifer, taking photos of my meals, and enjoying food for the first time in a long time.

No longer looking at cutting out carbs or fats, I am enjoying the diversity of my choices. I sometimes take a little ribbing from my friends when I pass up that delicious piece of cake, but I honestly don’t miss it. I am also devoted to 2 training sessions per week, in addition to the active lifestyle I already have! I feel great, and that is worth it to me…

Thanks Jennifer, and I hope to continue to embrace this journey of learning!”

(photo on the left taken on April 23/15, photo on the right taken on July 21/15)

– Joy B.


A lifestyle change that changed my lifeIMG_4009[1]

“Today is a milestone for me. A year ago I decided to change my life for the better. It has been the best decision of my life. Healthy eating isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I am proud to say I have lost 59 pounds. Anything can be accomplished when you set your mind to it. Thank you to Jennifer DiGregorio for inspiring me.”(photo on the left taken on May 22/14, photo on the right taken on Dec 23/14)

Margaret M.


Three years ago I stumbled into Healthletica looking for change …

“I signed up for twenty sessions of personal training with Jen. My first impression of her was “wow she’s beautiful, fit, and knowledgeable… perfect!”

At the time, I was looking to create physical changes within my body. I wanted to be thinner. Looking back now, I laugh at that version of myself because my relationship with Jen has allowed me to evolve my journey into something even more than I could’ve expected.

On top of achieving physical goals, I have achieved a great sense of self-awareness thanks to Jen. Through our workouts, I have gained such insight into how my body functions and that every single day is different from the previous one. Jen has taught me to tune my attention inwards and listen to what my body is telling me.

Every time I walk into the studio she greets me with a smile asking how I am feeling today. Jen pushes me passed my comfort zone in a comfortable way. Our workouts are challenging but fun. She uses a wide variety of techniques and changes it up every session. I always leave feeling much better than when I came.

I feel strong and healthy. Not only do I have the best personal trainer, but also a therapist all in one person! She is incredible at listening and giving advice especially when it comes to food and meal planning.

I always say things happen for a reason. Training with Jen has changed my entire life in numerous positive ways and I look forward to what the future holds. Thank you for your knowledge, continued support, and faith in me.”

– Sarah M.


It all started with a challenge.

“I’m a competitive person by nature, but never once thought of challenging myself for a better lifestyle, a healthier one for that matter, until I met Jennifer.
From the beginning…. I was never the most physically active individual, but I always tried. I’ve always told myself that this is going to be my year to get fit and more importantly healthy and I’m giving it my all. After realizing I need some guidance and motivation, I go out and hire another personal trainer and get to it. Well, as history repeats itself, I eventually slip and fall off course for a few weeks, then months, then basically never get back at it due to procrastination and stress.
After numerous occasions and attempts at looking good, I finally realized I was feeling worse rather than better when I would start these so called diet and fitness plans. I’ve had so many hormone pumped, hard headed and lifeless trainers in the past pushing me to my limits. Don’t get me wrong, I was seeing results but it wasn’t pleasant seeing or dealing with them for too long. I was tired of and frustrated with all the powders and bars they were pushing on me. I was being pushed mentally more than physically and noticed significant weight gain after stopping. It became overwhelming for me and it just wasn’t fun anymore.
Once I hit 265 lbs at the age of 26 I knew I had to do something drastically different.
I connected with Jennifer after getting a serious lecture from a work associate. I was very reluctant at first, but decided to give it a shot.
The first day we met, she started with a few personal questions about me, my job, current issues I was facing  and my wellness goals. Many things I’ve never been asked before. She was quickly able to figure out what kind of person I was, mentally and physically. She then went on to casually educate me about my lifestyle as a whole. All the little things I overlooked like sleep, food quality, proper supplementation and overall happiness. I was honest with Jennifer and told her straight out the things I was unwilling to sacrifice like food, wine, and my fast paced job in the construction industry. According to Jennifer’s plan, I wouldn’t have to give up any of it. That’s when I knew she was the right choice.
Then the challenges started. Every week I was given a small assignment, a task to conquer and complete. First with food, then exercise, all this was taken in small strides. Accomplishing these small challenges made me hungry for more. It was like Jennifer knew my body and limitations better than I did. The challenges and workouts were not easy, but it was fun, which made me never want to give up.
Jennifer is an excellent yoga instructor as well and helped free me of my sciatica and other back issues.  She incorporates yoga into our cool downs, which makes perfect sense since I can get more from my yoga practice with a warm body. It’s the small things that prove to me everything she does is with purpose and well meditated. I can honestly say that I have taken control of my health and I didn’t swallow a magic pill or take any shortcuts to achieve it.
It has now been one year since I have started my journey to better health with Jennifer. We consistently meet two times a week for training and lifestyle coaching. I look amazing, but better yet, I feel awesome. My thought pattern has changed; I feel sharper, I’m more attentive and my levels of stress have gone down incredibly. I don’t sweat when I sleep and I don’t have to catch my breath after going up a set of stairs. I’m not a gym rat nor do ever plan or need to be. With this program/lifestyle I have the time to enjoy life for what it is.
I’d like to say as much as Jennifer is a Personal Trainer, she’s more of a Life Coach. She practices everything she preaches; she’s on top of anything new and upcoming, sorts through all the fads and miracle drugs and just loves her job and anything that comes with it. That sort of positive attitude rubs off on you immediately and before you know it, you’re on the path you have always wanted to be on.”

Nov 22/12 –  weight – 240.6lbs, waist – 107cm

Feb 3/14 –  weight – 198lbs, waist – 89cm

Nov 12/14 – weight – 169.6lbs, waist – 80cm

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