Goodbye IBS and chronic back pain. Hello baby!


Goodbye IBS and chronic back pain. Hello baby!

When I met Jen I was at a very low point physically and emotionally. On the physical part, I had been suffering with increasingly worsening chronic back pain for a few years. I had seen everyone from physio, massage, osteopathic to chiropractic, with little to no improvement in my condition. I had also been suffering with IBS for what seemed like forever. Then there was also some new information I had found out about my health, I was struggling with undiagnosed fertility issues.

I had heard about Jen through a family friend and decided to seek her help as what felt like a last resort. After speaking with her over the phone I felt as if there was a tiny glimmer of hope that she might be able to help me. My main goal was to heal my back pain and improve my IBS symptoms. As for the fertility issues, I was putting them on the back burner until I felt whole again.

Jen started with changing my eating habits and the relationship I had with food. After only one month of eating how she had taught me to, I felt immense changes. It was definitely challenging, but I felt so much more energetic and healthier. My IBS was slowly improving and I was sleeping better than ever. More importantly, I saw food as important fuel for my body and not as calories, fat and guilt.

Then came the workout portion, the part I dreaded the most. Over the years I had built up a hatred for working out and developed a poor emotional relationship with my body. Despite this, I was determined to give it my best shot. With Jen’s extreme knowledge and constant positive reinforcement, I was soon excited to show up and challenge my body at every session. She always has something new planned and explains it all in such detail that I no longer hate working out. I now understand what properly moving my body does for the health of my body.

Through working with Jen, I have reduced my back pain by 90% most days, which is an amazing accomplishment for me. I have such a different outlook on food, health and my body, something that I’ll never be able to thank Jen enough for. Also, for the best and most exciting reason ever, my plan with Jen has been somewhat hindered… I am pregnant!!! To which I know all of this has led me to. For Jen to call this a lifestyle change program is an understatement, but it has truly changed mine! Thanks Jen for everything.

(Photo on left taken on August 18/15. Photo on right taken on March 27/16, 21 weeks pregnant)

– Chantelle Dubosq, March 2016