Food and supplements have played an important role in my journey with IBS.

Over the years I have developed a solid list of ‘best foods/supplements for gut support’ that I incorporate into my diet regularly to maintain the health of my gut – and help heal it when needed – so it can function optimally.

Gelatin is on my list of ‘best foods/supplements for gut support’ and here’s why …

Gelatin can improve digestion by enhancing gastric acid secretion which is important in breaking down the food we consume. Without proper digestion, we cannot absorb all the important nutrients we get from food, which can lead to nutrient deficiency in the long term.

In addition, gelatin can help to repair the mucosal lining in the stomach which is often damaged in those suffering from IBS. A damaged gut lining can cause a long list of symptoms and inflammatory reactions.

Homemade jello is a fun and easy way to incorporate gelatin into your diet. Give this Gut-Soothing Honey Lemon Ginger Jello a try. It’s healthy jello for adults and kids!

Gut-Soothing Honey Lemon Ginger Jello

1 cup homemade ginger tea
1 lemon (juice only)
4 tbsp. grass fed gelatin
3 tbsp. honey
4-5 drops lemon essential oil (food-grade) or 1 tsp. lemon zest

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1. Add cold ginger tea, lemon juice and gelatin into a saucepan and let gelatin “bloom” for a few minutes.

2. Turn heat to low and begin whisking ingredients (5-10 minutes) until mixture becomes thin.

4. Whisk in honey and lemon essential oil or lemon zest towards the end.

5. Pour mixture into a glass dish or into molds. Place in the fridge for 1-hour to set.

6. Remove from molds or cut into squares and enjoy!

img_2204If you’re looking for an easy way to add gut supportive foods into your diet, my FREE 14-day smoothie challenge is a great place to start! I incorporate high-collagen protein powder into all my smoothie recipes which can help to repair a damaged gut. Learn more here.

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