Do you find yourself drinking your smoothie with your shoulders up to your ears, teeth chattering, lips turning blue — all while you have a mini heater blasting at you and a blanket thrown over your shoulders?

I get it – a cold smoothie on a chilly fall or winter day can be uncomfortable to drink and may not be very appealing, unless your body runs hot all year round.

Well, my body tends to run more cold than hot, so I came up with some simple smoothie hacks that allow me to enjoy my daily smoothie during the cold months–without icicles forming from my nose!

Check them out below …

How to winterize your smoothie: From cold to room temperature


If you are using frozen veggies and/or fruit, add ½-1 cup hot or boiling water instead of room temperature or cold water.

This hot trick will help balance the temperature of your smoothie so it’s closer to room temperature. You may have to play around with the amount of hot water you add to get your desired temperature, but it’ll be smooth smoothieing (yep, I made up that word) once you figure it out.


Use fresh veggies and fruit instead of frozen.

This one isn’t rocket science. Frozen produce will make your smoothie cold, so you can always switch to fresh produce during the colder months to create a smoothie that is room temperature.

If you prefer the simplicity of using frozen produce or know that using fresh produce is not realistic given your busy schedule, then I highly recommend trying Hack #1.

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