It all started with a challenge

It all started with a challenge…

I’m a competitive person by nature, but never once thought of challenging myself for a better lifestyle, a healthier one for that matter, until I met Jennifer.
From the beginning…. I was never the most physically active individual, but I always tried. I’ve always told myself that this is going to be my year to get fit and more importantly healthy and I’m giving it my all. After realizing I need some guidance and motivation, I go out and hire another personal trainer and get to it. Well, as history repeats itself, I eventually slip and fall off course for a few weeks, then months, then basically never get back at it due to procrastination and stress.
After numerous occasions and attempts at looking good, I finally realized I was feeling worse rather than better when I would start these so called diet and fitness plans. I’ve had so many hormone pumped, hard headed and lifeless trainers in the past pushing me to my limits. Don’t get me wrong, I was seeing results but it wasn’t pleasant seeing or dealing with them for too long. I was tired of and frustrated with all the powders and bars they were pushing on me. I was being pushed mentally more than physically and noticed significant weight gain after stopping. It became overwhelming for me and it just wasn’t fun anymore.
Once I hit 265 lbs at the age of 26 I knew I had to do something drastically different.
I connected with Jennifer after getting a serious lecture from a work associate. I was very reluctant at first, but decided to give it a shot.
The first day we met, she started with a few personal questions about me, my job, current issues I was facing  and my wellness goals. Many things I’ve never been asked before. She was quickly able to figure out what kind of person I was, mentally and physically. She then went on to casually educate me about my lifestyle as a whole. All the little things I overlooked like sleep, food quality, proper supplementation and overall happiness. I was honest with Jennifer and told her straight out the things I was unwilling to sacrifice like food, wine, and my fast paced job in the construction industry. According to Jennifer’s plan, I wouldn’t have to give up any of it. That’s when I knew she was the right choice.
Then the challenges started. Every week I was given a small assignment, a task to conquer and complete. First with food, then exercise, all this was taken in small strides. Accomplishing these small challenges made me hungry for more. It was like Jennifer knew my body and limitations better than I did. The challenges and workouts were not easy, but it was fun, which made me never want to give up.
Jennifer is an excellent yoga instructor as well and helped free me of my sciatica and other back issues.  She incorporates yoga into our cool downs, which makes perfect sense since I can get more from my yoga practice with a warm body. It’s the small things that prove to me everything she does is with purpose and well meditated. I can honestly say that I have taken control of my health and I didn’t swallow a magic pill or take any shortcuts to achieve it.
It has now been one year since I have started my journey to better health with Jennifer. We consistently meet two times a week for training and lifestyle coaching. I look amazing, but better yet, I feel awesome. My thought pattern has changed; I feel sharper, I’m more attentive and my levels of stress have gone down incredibly. I don’t sweat when I sleep and I don’t have to catch my breath after going up a set of stairs. I’m not a gym rat nor do ever plan or need to be. With this program/lifestyle I have the time to enjoy life for what it is.
I’d like to say as much as Jennifer is a Personal Trainer, she’s more of a Life Coach. She practices everything she preaches; she’s on top of anything new and upcoming, sorts through all the fads and miracle drugs and just loves her job and anything that comes with it. That sort of positive attitude rubs off on you immediately and before you know it, you’re on the path you have always wanted to be on.

Weight and measurement record:

Nov 22/12 –  weight – 240.6lbs, waist – 107cm

Feb 3/14 –  weight – 198lbs, waist – 89cm

Nov 12/14 – weight – 169.6lbs, waist – 80cm