Jennifer’s approach

Jennifer’s unconventional approach to diet focuses in on whole food eating that consists of high quality fats, proteins, organic vegetables and fruits. She does not agree with low fat diets, counting calories and many other mainstream diet approaches. Her beliefs on exercise are that less is more, chronic cardio causes you to gain weight not lose weight, and smart strength training alongside a yoga practice is an ideal combination.

Stress is a complicated one because there are many things that can cause a stress response in the body, including low quality foods, too much of the wrong exercise, not enough quality sleep and environmental toxins to list a few. We need to mitigate stress by eating quality food, implementing smart exercise, avoiding toxins when possible, sleeping well and managing other stressors, like work and personal life, through practices like yoga and meditation.

Sleep is the most important of them all because it’s sleep that dictates all the above. Lack of quality sleep elicits a stress response in the body which causes us to crave more sugar, leading to poor food choices, which then leads to lack of movement due to low energy levels, which leads to more bad food choices, all of which eventually leads to toxic build up, ailments of the body and more poor quality sleep, etc etc. It really is a vicious cycle.

Diet, movement, sleep and stress are all very closely connected and that’s why it is imperative to address all of these areas in the Lifestyle Change Program. With all that being said, we must remember that each body is unique, which means one size does not fit all. The LCP has been designed to really listen to people and their stories so that we are better equipped to help people create a lifestyle change that is not only successful, but lasting.