3 Ways Gelatin Can Support Gut Health and Digestion

1. Aids in gut repair. Gelatin is beneficial for preventing intestinal damage and repairing the lining of the digestive tract, thereby preventing “leaky gut”. The gut lining is one of the body’s most important lines of defense, since it keeps food particles, bacteria and yeast inside the digestive system (where they belong) and prevents them from entering the bloodstream, which triggers inflammation.

2. Promotes enzymes and stomach acid that break down food. When you don’t produce enough enzymes/stomach acid, you can experience common digestive problems like heartburn, gas, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, etc. Older people often experience more digestive problems because their stomach acid decreases during the aging process and is worsened by increased stress levels. Gelatin can improve your ability to produce stomach acid and enzymes that are needed for proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

3. Improves bloating and constipation. Gelatin is capable of absorbing water and fluids, which helps prevent fluid retention and stomach bloat while improving constipation.

Jello is a great and easy way to add gelatin to your diet. Give my Lemon Raspberry Jello recipe a try. It’s healthy jello for adults and kids!

Lemon Raspberry Jello


1 cup frozen raspberries
3/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup grass-fed gelatin
3 tbsp. honey
4-5 drops lemon essential oil (food-grade) or 1 tsp. lemon zest

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1. Add raspberries and citrus juice to blender and blend until pureed.

2. Add puree into a saucepan along with gelatin and honey and whisk together. It will be a thick paste to start.

3. Turn heat to low and continue whisking ingredients (5-10 minutes) until mixture becomes thin.

4. Whisk in lemon essential oil or lemon zest towards the end.

5. Pour mixture into a glass dish or into molds. Place in the fridge for 1-hour to set.

6. Remove from molds or cut into squares and enjoy!

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