Program layout

Program layout

Step 1: A brief meeting or phone call to determine if this program is appropriate for you – no charge

Step 2: Completion of a 3 day food journal

Step 3: Initial appointment – health & lifestyle assessment, sleep and stress management, baseline body measurements & photos, action steps list & goal setting (2 hours)

Step 4: Introduction to the whole foods nutrition plan & supplements (2 hours)

Step 5: Trip to a local grocery store – optional (1 hour)

Start of 30 day challenge!

Step 6: Detoxification and exercise/movement plan (1-2 hours)

Next steps: The following appointments will monitor and track your progress during and after the challenge. These appointments will be key in ensuring you are comfortable and successful with your 30 day challenge and your new lifestyle changes thereafter. Naturally, many questions will arise and changes will start to take place, so it’s important to have proper guidance and support during this time (1 hour) – the number of appointments will be dependent on the individual.

Note: The layout provided is subject to change and will be tailored to your individual needs. More time will be given to areas of health/wellness that require it. We will work together to create a lifestyle change that is not only successful, but lasting.

To learn more about the Lifestyle Change Program or to book an appointment with Jennifer, contact her here. Jennifer works with clients in and around the Greater Toronto Area and is also available for online consultations. You can also find her at Healthletica located in Caledon, ON. Visit