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Lifestyle Change Program ONLINE

If you’re seeking a more time-friendly and affordable way to access this life changing program then the Lifestyle Change Program ONLINE is for you.

What’s included in the Lifestyle Change Program ONLINE:

• A customized nutrition plan including: A list of foods to eat and foods to avoid; easy meal prep formulas; sample meal planning; healthy eating tips; a list of Jennifer’s favourite and recommended pantry items; a 30-day nutrition challenge based off your customized plan; and steps to take after you’ve completed the challenge.

• A customized supplement plan including recommended brands, instructions on use and reasons for use.

Cheat sheets to better health including: How to optimize sleep; how to reduce and manage stress; and how to avoid toxins and support detoxification.

• Three 15-minute phone calls with Jennifer that will track your progress and answer all your questions during the program.

Email support during and after the program. Jennifer will always be there to answer your questions and provide guidance when you need it.

• A supportive community of people who have gone through or are going through the program. Find them on the Facebook group page.

BONUS material:

• Jennifer’s 14-day smoothie challenge e-book including everything you need to know about creating the perfect health smoothie along with 16 dessert-inspired recipes.

Medicine cabinet cheat sheet including natural treatments and remedies for various conditions.

Total investment for the Lifestyle Change Program ONLINE$425

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