Optimal Health Supplement Plan

Do you ever wonder whether you’re getting all the nutrients your body requires to function optimally from your diet alone?

In today’s fast-paced world it may not be realistic to eat nutrient-rich food all the time, but it’s important to do so as often as you can.

Whole food truly is medicine for your body and provides you with the right dose and combination of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants (and more) that keep your body healthy and functioning optimally.

BUT even if you are eating a nutrient-rich diet there are still some holes that need to be filled.

For example, most people tend to be deficient in magnesium since the soils which our food grows in are deplete of this key mineral. Magnesium plays a large role in our body and without sufficient amounts our health begins to suffer.

And what about vitamin D? We live in a country that only allows for a few months of sun exposure a year which means most people end up deficient in vitamin D – a vitamin that plays a critical role in our health.

I personally use and recommend supplements to my clients because they can help to fill the holes that we can’t through diet alone – and they can also help to support our body during times when; our immune system is low, stress is high, our gut is a mess, pain and inflammation are present, etc.

All that being said, it’s important to remember that supplements should be supplemental to a healthy whole-food diet. You CANNOT fix your health problems or poor diet by only taking supplements and ignoring other important issues.

Here’s what you’ll get with my Optimal Health Supplement Plan:

A) A FREE customized supplement plan that includes a list of my recommended supplements, how and when to take each supplement and notes on how each supplement supports your health.

My recommended supplements will included:

1. Supplements that support gut health.

2. Essential vitamins and minerals that cannot be (or are very hard to) obtain through food.

3. Any other supplements you may require based on your lifestyle or specific conditions you are dealing with.

B) High-quality, science-based nutritional supplements  used by top Functional Medicine Practitioners and Naturopathic Doctors (cost is dependent on supplements selected for you).

C) FREE shipping on your order.

D) Support and guidance from me as you begin and progress with YOUR Optimal Health Supplement Plan.

Important note: The quality of your supplements is just as important as the quality of your food, which is why I only use and recommend the best companies in the supplement industry.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting started with a supplement plan, send me a message using the form below.