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10 minute workout – back, butt + hamstrings

  A simple and short exercise routine to target your backside... 5 bent over rows followed by 5 single leg deadlifts per side. Repeat this sequence 10 times. Take a 2 minute rest after round 5 if needed. I'm using two 15lb dumbbells for this sequence. You might need to do some test rounds before… Continue reading 10 minute workout – back, butt + hamstrings

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Is there a dark side to green smoothies?

Have you come across information that talks about the dark side to green smoothies? Maybe you’ve heard about how too many raw green vegetables can cause things like kidney stones and thyroid dysfunction? Are you concerned that your green smoothies – that you’ve grown to love – are doing more harm than good? As always,…… Continue reading Is there a dark side to green smoothies?

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Tiramisu Smoothie

Tiramisu Smoothie INGREDIENTS: 1.5 cups frozen spinach 1 banana 1 shot espresso 1 tbsp coconut oil 1/2 tsp cinnamon 1 scoop PurePaleo chocolate protein powder 1 cup filtered water Use a few ice cubes to create a thick and cool smoothie. Blend and enjoy this awesome morning smoothie. Find more dessert-inspired smoothie recipes in my…… Continue reading Tiramisu Smoothie

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Egg, Bacon & Artichoke Wrap

Egg, Bacon & Artichoke Wrap INGREDIENTS: 2 eggs 3 bacon slices 2 artichokes (jarred/canned and quartered) 1 tsp mayo (from Chosen Foods) 1 Super Green Wrap (from Live) INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Using a stove-top pan, cook bacon and set aside. 2. Add eggs to pan with bacon fat and cook according to preference. 3. Spread mayo…… Continue reading Egg, Bacon & Artichoke Wrap

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What your scale isn’t telling you

Are you feeling discouraged by the number on your scale? Have you started a new exercise program and/or weight loss/nutrition plan, but despite all your efforts your weight just doesn’t seem to budge in the right direction? What up with that?!?! Well, I come bearing great news … Believe it or not, no changes in…… Continue reading What your scale isn’t telling you

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Is lack of time standing in your way of making healthy food choices?

This seems to be a common problem among my clients, family and friends. They want to make healthy food choices, but feel it’s not always realistic due to time constraints. This problem usually leads to the question…  ‘What can I eat when I’m on-the-go and don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal?’  Given that…… Continue reading Is lack of time standing in your way of making healthy food choices?