Organic Greens Powder, 270 g


A gut-friendly greens food blend with no fillers. This powder contains no grains, legumes, alfalfa, corn, gluten, fructose or artificial sweeteners. Unlike other greens products, there are no inexpensive fillers or bulking agents such as fibre, whole grasses, pectin, rice bran, and/or flax, which account for 40% to 60% of the content of most other greens products.

Made with over 90% organic ingredients. The company that makes this product works closely with certified organic growers to ensure the optimal preservation of enzymes and beneficial phytonutrients in the ingredients. These ingredients are harvested at their peak of potency and immediately concentrated and dried by utilizing proprietary cool-temperature processes that preserve their energetic and nutritional integrity.

High in powerful and antioxidant rich vegetables and fruits. The vegetable, fruit, and berry ingredients are brightly coloured and non-oxidized, as the powders are protected from heat, UV light and moisture from start to finish.



Here’s what makes this organic greens powder top in its class

Fruits: High-antioxidant berries, such as cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry + camu camu which is high in Vitamin C
Sulfur-rich cruciferous vegetables + sprouts: Broccoli, kale, cauliflower, collards
Colorful and high phytonutrient vegetables: Beet, carrot, tomato, spinach
Detox Greens & Juices: Spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass juice powders — high in antioxidants and great for detox
ORAC Blend: Proprietary blend of grape seed and grape skin extracts, with guaranteed high ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) content. The ORAC score is a measurement of a food’s potential for neutralizing the damaging free radicals implicated in aging and physical degeneration.

PaleoGreens is superior to many commercially available greens powders for several reasons:

  • Over 90% organic ingredients
  • No grain/legumes fibers or components, least allergenic
  • No alfalfa, a common ingredient in all other leading brands
  • Special gentle processing that retains potency
  • Proven ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity) value
  • Great taste, with no added sugar

How to use PaleoGreens powder

1. Add to smoothies. Add one tablespoon of PaleoGreens Powder to your blender in addition to healthy fats, quality protein, and water. PaleoGreens can act as a replacement for fresh/frozen veggies and fruit that you would normally add to your smoothie. Check out my Easy Green Smoothie recipe!
You can learn more about how to create nutrient-rich, gut-friendly smoothies by joining my FREE 14-day smoothie challenge and/or purchasing the e-book.

2. Combine with water and drink. Add one tablespoon to a glass of water, stir and drink. Consuming PaleoGreens alongside a meal is the best way to ensure nutrient absorption.

Additional information


Unflavoured, Lemon-Lime


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