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What is the Lifestyle Change Program?

The LCP was designed by Jennifer DiGregorio – a BPHE honours graduate from the University of Toronto, co-founder of Healthletica, and a Health Coach. Jennifer has spent over 10 years researching the effects of diet, stress, sleep, toxins and exercise on overall health.

The LCP addresses these key players in your health and through a customized program helps to bring back balance to your body and life. The areas that will be addressed during the course of the program are diet, sleep, stress, detoxification, supplement management and exercise. By addressing and improving these areas, we turn on your body’s innate healing system and find that many ailments and imbalances begin to correct themselves.

It’s unfortunate, but we live in a toxic world that has caused many of the health challenges faced by people today, including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, diabetes, skin problems, joint pain, digestive issues, mood instability, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, weight gain and the list goes on.

None of the above states or conditions are normal for the body nor are many of them a normal part of the aging process. Just because something is common does not make it normal.

Lucky for us, the body truly is a remarkable creation that has the ability to heal itself and regain balance when we give it what it needs and align our lives with what we were designed for.

Jennifer’s approach

Jennifer’s unconventional approach to diet focuses in on whole food eating that consists of high quality fats, proteins, vegetables and fruits. She does not agree with low fat diets, counting calories and many other mainstream diet approaches.

Her beliefs on exercise are that less is more, chronic cardio can cause you to gain weight instead of lose weight, and smart strength training alongside a stress reducing practices (like yoga and walking) is an ideal combination.

Stress is a complicated one because there are many things that can cause a stress response in the body, including: low quality foods, too much of the wrong exercise, not enough quality sleep and environmental toxins to list a few. We need to mitigate stress by eating quality food; implementing smart, stress reducing exercise; avoiding toxins when possible; getting quality sleep; and managing personal and work stress through things like simple breathing exercises, connecting with nature, yoga and/or meditation.

Sleep is the most important of them all because sleep influences all the other key players in your health. Lack of quality sleep elicits a stress response in the body which causes us to crave more sugar, leading to poor food choices, which then leads to lack of movement due to low energy levels, which leads to more bad food choices, all of which eventually leads to toxic build up, ailments of the body and more poor quality sleep, etc etc. It really is a vicious cycle!

Diet, exercise, sleep, stress and toxins are all very closely connected when it comes to better health which is why it’s imperative to address all of these areas in the Lifestyle Change Program.

With all that being said, we must remember that each body is unique, which means one size does not fit all. The LCP has been designed to really listen to people and their stories so that Jennifer (and her team) are better equipped to help people create a lifestyle change that is not only successful, but lasting.

Who is the Lifestyle Change Program designed for?

The Lifestyle Change Program has been designed for individuals who are serious and ready to take the necessary steps to look, feel and perform their best.

The following are credentials that must be met by individuals seeking help through the Lifestyle Change Program:

  • Desire for permanent lifestyle change.
  • Willingness to look at ALL areas of health and take the necessary steps to achieve successful changes .
  • Patience with your body and with rate of progress. This is not a fad diet program with quick, unhealthy and unsustainable weight loss.
  • Openness to trusting me (and my team) in guiding you through the program. Communication and honesty are essential.
  • Ability to devote the time needed for meetings and follow-ups (in-person, on the phone or through email).
  • Financially ready and able to make an investment in your health and well-being.
  • Successful completion of the 14-day smoothie challenge.
What changes are possible through the Lifestyle Change Program?
  • Body composition changes – increase in lean muscle mass & decrease in fat mass.
  • Increase in immune system function, energy levels & mental clarity.
  • Decrease in joint & muscle pain, mood instability & overall feeling of stress.
  • Improvements in sleep, skin health, digestive health & chronic ailments.
  • Lowering of inflammation in the body & boosting of detox pathways.
  • Greater mobility and an increase in strength & endurance.
  • Confidence in making healthy food choices & preparing nutritious meals.
  • A feeling of overall balance, happiness, body awareness & personal empowerment.
  • Many more!

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