“I just finished the smoothie challenge recently with Jennifer and she really had me starting some really good habits on the regular. I still wake up most mornings craving my nutritious drink. I even got my boyfriend wanting them too!! Jennifer really helped trouble shoot almost every problem you could run into with smoothie making. The live group also was a motivational touch and I enjoy still being a part of this group! I recommend this challenge to anyone who is still on the fence about making an overall lifestyle change. Its not expensive, time consuming or really much of a drastic change. But it does wonders! Its a commitment to dessert in a cup everyday! How can you say no to that??? Love you Jen, thank you for the inspiration, support, and caring attitude towards improving my well being!”

– Natalie Carusi, Dec 2017

“There really was/is no downside to this challenge.  We all feel better, let alone look better.  We are forever indebted to you for changing our lives and our attitudes.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.  Let your Dad and I stand as your witnesses that we can change if we really want to.

One of the best reasons for me to tell people to listen to you is this: The change is immediate.  Within the first few days you already feel and see a difference in yourself.  Of course, your personal guidance and attention is the very best.  We all look forward to Smoothie Sunday which is now a staple in Casa DiGregorio.  This is all your doing and that is because all you do is CARE!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

– Frances A., Jan 2018

“Today is the last day of the smoothie challenge, and I feel like a new person. I’ve had more energy and feel a lot better since dealing with my medical issues. My skin has started to look more radiant and I love it. I’m very bad at eating fruits and vegetables in my diet and this has been a great way to get the nutrients I need. The challenge was not hard at all…very easy, just throw it in and blend. I will be continuing the smoothies in my everyday life. Thank you so much Jennifer.”

– Herpreet Sirai., Jan 2018

“Jennifer’s 14 day smoothie challenge… is awesome and a great kickstart to good health. The key is in the prep.. Jen spells it out and I had everything chopped, frozen and ready in advance. Daily emails with tips also were great. If I can do it… anyone can ! Made it so easy to follow… but I loved the delicacies of the unique cake like smoothies. Delicious! I believe I tried every flavor (including banana !)… Feeling great and ready to do it again in January. Rock Star Jen !”

– Joy B., Dec 2017

“My son was inspired by Jennifer and the 14 day smoothie challenge, it gave him the motivation he needed. Jen provides support and fabulous recipes for nutritious and filling smoothies and is happy to report a 10 pound weight loss having 2 smoothies a day along with a sensible meal. Thanks Jen, you rock!”

– Debbie Leone, Dec 2017

“Jennifer’s 14 day smoothie challenge was a blast. So many new ways to make smoothies and great tasting. They are fast and easy for on the go people. I learned so much and I’ve been blending for over a year Monday to Friday. Take the challenge you won’t regret it.
Have a smoothie of a day.”

– Cheryl Rowsell, Dec 2017

“Jennifer’s 14 day Smoothie Challenge was fun and interesting learning new ways and great tips to blend up a new great tasting smoothie’s every day and they don’t take a lot time when you are in a hurry! Join her smoothie challenge it was awesome!”

– Debbie Tripodi, Dec 2017

“Jennifer, thanks so much for the challenge.  Except for the Sunday when my body “demanded” eggs Florentine instead of a smoothie I made it through all the other days.   Some disasters …. too much fresh broccoli one day, and another day an overdose of fresh ginger!

After the challenge I thought I would go back to juicing but no will stick to smoothies.

The challenge kept me on track of healthy eating especially remembering to add the protein powder.  I started each morning with water and lemon (as I have done for years) and an hour or so later had my smoothie based on your formula.   I found that I didn’t ever get hungry or have any cravings and usually only had one solid food meal around 5 for dinner.  I didn’t lose weight but feel good.  (Much better than I certainly did in November.)”

Note: Although Carol’s scale did not show any changes in her weight, she did report an improvement in how her pants fit her (around the waist) after the two weeks. This is an indication of body composition changes – increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat mass.

– Carol A., Dec 2017

“Nutritionally dense and nutritionally sound!

I am a diabetic and live by a very controlled diet – every meal must be tailored to my current blood sugar level.

My first meal of the day is most important and creating a proper meal in only 5 minutes has made life easier for me.

Managing diabetes is a science and the science behind Jennifer’s smoothie formula is sensible. It allows me to better control my blood sugar levels throughout the day while indulging in something that tastes like dessert. To top it off, I get all the nutrition benefits that come from these deliciously fit smoothies.

This is a bonus for a diabetic!

I would encourage anyone thinking about a healthier diet and/or better diabetic control to consider this 14-day smoothie challenge.

Jennifer, you have been a great coach and mentor – and partner in health.

Thank you to all my deliciously fit group and all your amazing tips, personal twists and magnificent photos. You all have made this journey so exciting for me.

Your health matters, so continue to invest in the things that make you feel good – I’ll be right beside all of you.”

– Rosie Posca – Certified Exercise Physiologist, BA in Kinesiology & Health Science, Dec 2017

“The smoothie challenge and my Healthletica membership are setting me on a much better track! I have found the smoothie challenge, and the coaching from Jennifer has added a really valuable start to my day. I love the simple recipe that allows me to make an endless list of smoothies — I never get bored and I have the energy I need to get through a busy morning and a workout!

Jennifer, this challenge was just what I needed to set my intentions into action! The balance in the recipe between veggies, fruit, protein and fat (the good stuff!) makes a delicious, filling and fun breakfast. I love doing the challenge with a team and so also want to thank everyone for inspiring new ideas. One other huge benefit for me is that the smoothies are perfect to set me up for a great workout. I have the energy I need and have been feeling great. THANK YOU!”

– Rosemary Walker, Jan 2018

“I joined an exceptional group of smoothie adventures with replacing at least one meal with a delicious tasting smoothie…had to leave an excellent review! This group and Jen kept the challenge motivated. Still taking on the challenge too…Looking forward to February with new experiences and great tips Thanks to all.”

– Melissa Carney, Jan 2018

“Absolutely loved the smoothie challenge. I feel fantastic – eating better, sleeping better, all-around just feeling so much better – thanks Jenn!”

– Kelly Chaves, Jan 2018


Thank you for this journey.  You have given me a new outlook, I am feeling better inside and out.

With more energy, I am one step closer to achieving better health for myself and my family.  As it turns out, one of my son’s like these smoothie’s as much as I do.

I will have to say I truly will miss your emails and new smoothie recipes.

I look forward to meeting you in person once I start my Yoga.”

– Mariska, Feb 2018

“I always look forward to my morning smoothie. I like to prep everything a day or two in advance. This is my 2nd round at the challenge.

My weight last month was stagnant at 202 lbs. I finally broke that plateau point everyone seems to hit. This morning my scale reading was 195lbs.

I’m feeling really good about my morning ritual. A smoothie a day! Thanks again to my cousin Rosie to push me to make a change. Jennifer, you are so knowledgeable, keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing!”

– Claudio D., March 2018


Check out the amazing changes Jodi Sirai has experienced since starting with daily smoothies in January…
BEFORE – bloating, gas and acid reflux following most meals.
NOW – no bloating, gas, acid reflux – at all!
BEFORE – bowel movements varied from constipation to diarrhea.
NOW – daily solid bowel movements – this shift alone is HUGE since it’s an indication of improvements in gut health.
BEFORE – energy described as ‘miserable in the morning’ and ‘sluggish in the afternoon’.
NOW – energy is high upon waking and no more afternoon crashes. Also, falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night.
BEFORE – frequent back pain and sciatica.
NOW – back pain has reduced noticeably.
BEFORE – daily swelling in fingers, hands, wrists, ankles and feet.
NOW – swelling reduced significantly – no more sock lines and rings/jewelry are now loose.
BEFORE – eczema around eyes and on elbows.
NOW – eczema around eyes is gone and has improved noticeably on elbows.
BEFORE – painful bump on wrist that had formed 6 months ago.
NOW – bump is now gone and there’s no more pain.
Jodi’s weight and measurements:
Jan 7/18
Weight 244.4 lbs
Waist 116cm
Hips 131cm
Bust 115cm
Feb 15/18
Weight 230.2 lbs
Waist 110cm
Hips 126cm
Bust 112cm

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