DID YOU KNOW? Gelatin is a protein product derived from collagen and its unique amino acid profile gives it many health benefits.

One of those benefits includes improving gut health — in particular, protecting the gut wall from damage.

Glutamic acid (an amino acid found in gelatin), is converted to glutamine in the body. Glutamine has been shown to improve the integrity of the gut wall and help prevent “leaky gut”.

A “leaky gut” is when the gut wall becomes too permeable, allowing bacteria and other potentially harmful substances to pass from the gut into the bloodstream, a process that shouldn’t happen normally.

This is thought to contribute to common gut conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Homemade jello is a fun and easy way to incorporate gelatin into your diet. Give this yummy Strawberry Jello a try. It’s healthy jello for adults and kids–and the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day!

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Strawberry Jello

1 cup frozen strawberries
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup grass-fed gelatin
2-3 tbsp. honey


1. Add strawberries and water to blender and blend until pureed.

2. Add fruit puree into a saucepan along with gelatin and honey and whisk together. Let gelatin “bloom” for a few minutes.

3. Turn heat to low and whisk ingredients (5-10 minutes) until mixture becomes thin.

4. Pour mixture into a glass dish or into molds (I used small heart molds). Place in the fridge for 1-hour to set.

5. Remove from molds or cut into squares and enjoy!


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