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5 ways to simplify smoothie making

Is lack of time really the reason you can’t turn new, healthy eating habits into permanent ones? I call bull$#!%. Making a smoothie is one of the fastest and easiest ways to fuel your body with nutrient-rich foods. You literally throw all your ingredients in a blender, pour into a cup and voila! There’s no…… Continue reading 5 ways to simplify smoothie making

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4 ways to effortless weight loss & better health

There are many different approaches to weight loss, health and fitness – so many that it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out which approach will work best for you. Looking back, I spent most of my life struggling to maintain my weight through intense and excessive exercise and a “healthy” diet that…… Continue reading 4 ways to effortless weight loss & better health

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How to winterize your smoothie

Do you find yourself drinking your smoothie with your shoulders up to your ears, teeth chattering, lips turning blue — all while you have a mini heater blasting at you and a blanket thrown over your shoulders? I get it – a cold smoothie on a cold Fall/Winter day can be uncomfortable to drink and…… Continue reading How to winterize your smoothie

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Lemon Garlic Rapini

I’m pretty certain this bitter green vegetable was one of the first solid foods I ate back in my Baby Jen days. Rapini (a.k.a. broccoli rabe) is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and cancer fighting properties, making it a super healthy veggie for consumption. Rapini is an excellent complement to most meats and fishes…… Continue reading Lemon Garlic Rapini

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Stability ball workout: Legs, butt & core

So, my hand/wrist was out of order for unknown reasons (or maybe old age 😫) a few weeks back, which forced me to come up with workouts that didn't require gripping or applying pressure on my hand. I came up with this stability ball workout which targets the legs, butt and core. As you probably… Continue reading Stability ball workout: Legs, butt & core

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4 practical tips to help you achieve your goals this year

Did you know statistics show that ONLY 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s goals? If that’s the case, are the rest of us just S.O.L. then? Maybe not… When looking at why some people succeed at goal setting and so many others fail miserably – there is simple science behind how we can…… Continue reading 4 practical tips to help you achieve your goals this year