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Holiday-inspired smoothie recipes

How would you like to indulge in holiday flavours like egg nog, candy cane, gingerbread, roasted chestnut and peppermint mocha without worrying about your waistline expanding over the holidays? I don’t know about you, but I certainly would which is why I spent a weekend in my kitchen creating a few NEW holiday-inspired smoothie recipes!…… Continue reading Holiday-inspired smoothie recipes

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Drink your greens

Are you looking for an simple way to keep your immune system strong and energy levels high during your busy season? A quality greens powder can be an excellent addition to your diet especially during times when vegetables and fruits are the last thing on your mind and plate. Veggies and fruits are packed with…… Continue reading Drink your greens

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Superfoods Yogurt Bowl

Do you have superfoods coming out of your yin yang?! If you’re anything like me, your cupboards and fridge are probably loaded with all the greatest superfoods your entire week’s paycheck can buy. I incorporate a lot of these superfoods into my smoothies since I find it’s the easiest way to get them in me,…… Continue reading Superfoods Yogurt Bowl

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Arm & Shoulder Sculpting Workout

    Bye-bye bat wings 🦇... Here's a simple and great routine for targeting all areas of the arm and shoulder including that jiggly part most women are blessed with 😫 Arm & Shoulder Sculpting Workout Reverse fly Bicep curl Tricep extension V-raise Overhead press Round 1 - 5 reps Round 2 - 10 reps… Continue reading Arm & Shoulder Sculpting Workout

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Better sleep for better everything

Are you shopping around for a new mattress? Have you heard about harmful chemicals and materials that are found in most mattresses and maybe you’re looking to find a mattress that is safe for your health? Do you want a mattress that will give you maximum support and comfort, plus keep you cool while you…… Continue reading Better sleep for better everything

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Balance & Bodyweight Workout

  Another play day at the studio! Check out this fun routine I came up with. Essentially it's a balance and bodyweight routine that targets major muscle groups while working on core stability. I decided to add a touch of yoga into this routine to further challenge balance and lengthen/stretch muscles along the front side… Continue reading Balance & Bodyweight Workout