7-day smoothie + fitness challenge

In just 7 days, say bye bye to low energy and sugar cravings and hello to nourishing & energizing smoothies and exercise that fuel your body and help you to feel great again. You’ll receive daily emails that take you through this fun 7-day challenge.

Challenge STARTS March 30th.


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Easy Yoga Flow

  If you’re a beginner to yoga or just looking for a gentle yoga flow to get your body feeling good, give this easy yoga flow a try! This flow is great for: 👉Improving range of motion & circulation 👉Increasing flexibility & strength 👉Relieving stress & calming the mind 👉Energizing the body Repeat this flow…

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Quick bodyweight workout on a mat

Here’s a quick bodyweight workout that can be done from the comfort of home or in an open space at the gym. All you need is a mat! EXERCISES: 🦵Pelvic raise with 3 sec. leg lift (1 leg lift/side = 1 rep) đź‘™Bent knee leg raises (1 leg raise/side = 1 rep) đź‘™Reverse crunches đź’ŞPush-ups…

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Bodyweight workout for legs, butt & arms

I love me a good superset workout! They are easy to put together and make for a great workout when the combo of exercises is just right. Follow the instructions below for this simple leg, butt and arm workout … Bodyweight workout for legs, butt & arms 15 elevated lunges per leg 15 dips Go…

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