smoothie challenge e-book


Are you eager to get started with the 14-day smoothie challenge?

Do you like the idea of having all of the smoothie challenge information in one convenient package (instead of scattered in separate emails)?

Wouldn’t it be great to have all the smoothie recipes organized on a few pages so you can easily print and/or download them?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this e-book is definitely for you!

Purchase Jennifer’s 14-day smoothie challenge e-book and get everything you need to successfully prepare for and complete this challenge on your watch.

Here’s what you’ll find in this 30 page e-book:

  • The build-your-own-smoothie formula (print & keep in your kitchen)
  • 16 dessert-inspired smoothie recipes (print & keep in your kitchen)
  • A quick-start shopping list (print & take to the store)
  • Info on protein powders and blenders (along with Jen’s top recommendations)
  • Tips and tricks for creating YOUR perfect smoothie
  • And other great info including: smoothie boosters, time-saving tips, creating low-cost/high-nutrition smoothies, Jennifer’s personal journey back to health & how the 14-day smoothie challenge works.


The best part is – you’ll be able to take this e-book everywhere you go! Print the whole book or specific pages; download it to your computer, phone and/or that invisible cloud you have but can’t seem to figure out.

You’ll always have the perfect health smoothie formula and dessert-inspired smoothie recipes on hand for when you need them.

Get Jennifer’s 14-day smoothie challenge e-book for just $10!

Buy Now Button

For a limited time only – purchase this smoothie e-book and receive 5 BONUS holiday-inspired smoothie recipes in addition to the 16 dessert-inspired recipes already there. That’s a total of 21 dessert-inspired recipes (+ other great info on smoothies) for ONLY $10!


And don’t forget to sign-up for Jennifer’s awesome 14-day smoothie challenge email series where she’ll provide more great information that will guide you toward weight loss and better health.



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