Jodi’s Transformation

Jodi joined the January/18 smoothie challenge and decided to continue with daily smoothies even after completing the challenge since she was experiencing great shifts in her health.

In addition to positive shifts in her health, Jodi has lost 14lbs to date and is down in all her body measurements!

Check out the amazing changes Jodi has experienced since starting with daily smoothies…

BEFORE – bloating, gas and acid reflux following most meals.
NOW – no bloating, gas, acid reflux – at all!

BEFORE – bowel movements varied from constipation to diarrhea.
NOW – daily solid bowel movements – this shift alone is HUGE since it’s an indication of improvements in gut health.

BEFORE – energy described as ‘miserable in the morning’ and ‘sluggish in the afternoon’.
NOW – energy is high upon waking and no more afternoon crashes. Also, falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night.

BEFORE – frequent back pain and sciatica.
NOW – back pain has reduced noticeably.

BEFORE – daily swelling in fingers, hands, wrists, ankles and feet.
NOW – swelling reduced significantly – no more sock lines and rings/jewelry are now loose.

BEFORE – eczema around eyes and on elbows.
NOW – eczema around eyes is gone and has improved noticeably on elbows.

BEFORE – painful bump on wrist that had formed 6 months ago.
NOW – bump is now gone and there’s no more pain.

Jodi’s weight and measurements:

Jan 7/18
Weight 244.4 lbs
Waist 116cm
Hips 131cm
Bust 115cm

Feb 15/18
Weight 230.2 lbs
Waist 110cm
Hips 126cm
Bust 112cm

In a little over a month Jodi has experienced BIG changes in not only her weight, but more importantly her health.