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Arm & Shoulder Sculpting Workout

    Bye-bye bat wings 🦇... Here's a simple and great routine for targeting all areas of the arm and shoulder including that jiggly part most women are blessed with 😫 Arm & Shoulder Sculpting Workout Reverse fly Bicep curl Tricep extension V-raise Overhead press Round 1 - 5 reps Round 2 - 10 reps… Continue reading Arm & Shoulder Sculpting Workout

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Balance & Bodyweight Workout

  Another play day at the studio! Check out this fun routine I came up with. Essentially it's a balance and bodyweight routine that targets major muscle groups while working on core stability. I decided to add a touch of yoga into this routine to further challenge balance and lengthen/stretch muscles along the front side… Continue reading Balance & Bodyweight Workout

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Quick full body workout – deadlift with overhead press

  Another quick 10 minute full body workout to get all your muscles firing and heart pumping... Deadlift into a overhead press (5 per side) followed by a 15 Mississippi quick skip. Try to generate power on the way up from your deadlift using your glutes and core. This will allow you to progress to… Continue reading Quick full body workout – deadlift with overhead press

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10 minute workout – back, butt + hamstrings

  A simple and short exercise routine to target your backside... 5 bent over rows followed by 5 single leg deadlifts per side. Repeat this sequence 10 times. Take a 2 minute rest after round 5 if needed. I'm using two 15lb dumbbells for this sequence. You might need to do some test rounds before… Continue reading 10 minute workout – back, butt + hamstrings