Youthful Glow reviews


“I love giving the gift of good skin! Hooked on @whole_food_health #youthfulglow #facialoil. Many of my friends and family noticed a huge difference within 1-2 weeks. Support small female run businesses with great products. Works for all skin types with amazing essential oils:

Lavender – antiseptic and anti fungal properties, treat skin disorders (acne, wrinkles, psoriasis)

Frankincense – helps reduce acne blemishes, appearance of large pores, prevent wrinkles, lifts and tightens

Carrot seed – rejuvenates look and feel of your skin, moisturizes, brightens and preserves

Geranium – treats acne, eczema, cellulite, stretchmarks, scarring and dry skin”

– Ameera (@amz325 on Instagram), Skin Therapist & Medical Esthetician

“I use Youthful Glow at night and love it! I struggle with adult acne – a lot of breakouts. I’ve used prescription medication to keep my face clear, but it dries out my skin. 
Since I’ve been using Youthful Glow I haven’t had to use the medication. It keeps my skin clear!  
Thanks for a great product Jennifer, I will definitely continue using it.”

– Lisa B.

“I’m on my 5th bottle. Love and can’t be without it… Since i have be using the oil I have noticed that my skin looks a lot better and for that I thank you. I love it and do use it at least twice a day.”

– Cheryl

“It truly is amazing! I love the smell, I find it really moisturizes my skin and goes well with all other moisturizers I use in combination with. I stopped using it for a week to see if I’d notice a difference and I did. My skin was drier and it didn’t have that light fresh feeling and scent that I have grown to like. Plus, I love that it will last me a long time.”

– Simone 

“It’s a magical elixir. I love the non greasy formula. Tried other oils…too oily. This one is perfect.”

– Afshan

“Have you wanted to try farsali rose gold elixir or oval makeup brushes that you keep seeing on make up tutorials? I’m here to tell you not to waste your money! Loving this new Youthful Glow face oil (with awesome natural oils) I received from a friend and the brushes I purchased from Groupon they both give you flawless and dewy finish!!”

– Ameera (Check out Ameera’s make-up application using Youthful Glow here. )

Purchase a 30 ml bottle for $29.99 (plus taxes and shipping).

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